A great perk of adult stars going public with their relationships is the ability to date in openly without being swaddled in face masks and dodging into residences via the underground garage.

Also does good for the world by depriving tabloid bottom feeders likeand actor Jung Kyung Ho have been openly dating for two years since going public shortly after fellow SNSD leader Yoona was outed as dating Lee Seung Gi.

This group is kind of unique in that is it still so popular and financially successful, but the time is coming where we can't expect them to live the idol lifestyle that fuels that popularity and success as they need to have the freedom to date without ridiculous scrutiny, marry, have families, pursue music they love that maybe doesn't fit with a girl group, etc.

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If she wasn't interested in performing anymore she could always teach the graduate level course to the SM trainees on aegyo..

I could also see her doing comedic musicals, sit-coms, or variety TV as an MC.

The TTS members are clearly in SM's long-term plans as a group and as individuals as long as they want to be performing and are making money for SM.

Yoona, Yuri, and Sooyoung all seem to either really like acting or realize that long-term they are likely to be better employed there post-SNSD.

Let see what happen, but honestly I don't want them to disband T_T Yes, it is highly unlikely they would go to another company at this point in their careers unless it was a major career change they were looking for that SM wasn't willing to support. BEG is he only active group with the same lineup that has been around longer to the best of my knowledge.

Nearly every other girl group calls it quits by the end of their initial seven year contract for many reasons.

On marriage, Jung Kyung Ho said, “I have no plans yet—not because of work.

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyun Ho have been captured on a date!

They have busy schedules but still enjoy dates here and then."This year marks Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho's 5th anniversary.