In ads for the event, organizers enticed brave singles to rely on. To read the full delightful account of Moos speed dating session, see the New York Times article, Speed Dating Rabbits. Find and save ideas about Speed dating on Pinterest. The Daring Librarian Speed Dating by Book Genre Personal Ads.

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Muscle cars, along with trucks, are typically known for being masculine vehicles.

Having the starring role in the advertisement be a female might conflict with the muscle car image.

With that being said the timing and theme of this commercial is its strength.

What would be an uncreative advertising attempt, might prove to be a success because of the relatable timing.

It turns out she's a professional stunt driver, and she proceeds to drive her date around the track at top speed.

All the while, she acts like a distracted ditz, terrifying the men in the passenger seat. The ad recalls Jeff Gordon's infamous March 2013 spot for Pepsi.

Pepsi Max partnered with Chevy to prank a salesman by have Jeff Gordon take the Camaro out for a test drive.

After that video was wildly successful and went viral, this advertisement simply seems recycled.

Ok Cupid Locals is part of Ok Cupid, a larger dating site, which says a. The Shame of the Cities Stand up against the corrupt Also you need to have an idea of how much you want to spend on advertisement and be able to tell the ownersmanagers where and how you will be advertising.