“If you want to pay your coach 0,000 instead of 0,000, tell him to go play two ,000 games.” To try to make the process more honest, Hawkinson decided to host an event every year at the coaches convention, to put people who do scheduling in the same room. “It’s harder to lie to somebody face-to-face,” Hawkinson said. A Friday game in Iowa would require Colgate’s players to miss at least two days of classes traveling. The Saint Francis assistants were more optimistic about locking in a game at Iowa City.

*** The room Friday was lined with tables covered in calendars and stickers. “It would certainly make my life easier,” said Mike Summey, 39, Saint Francis associate head coach.

Saint Francis needed a season opener, and needed that opponent to pay.

Summey declined to say how much money Saint Francis expects yearly in guarantee games, but did say he usually tries to schedule about three, which would mean the school typically earns about $250,000 to $300,000 per year in road games against heavily favored opponents.

Powerhouse programs pay big money to fill out their schedules with winnable games. *** In March 1999, Nels Hawkinson noticed something as he took a break from the coaches’ conference in St. A big bulletin board was covered in handwritten notes, tacked there by teams who needed games for the upcoming season. Hawkinson, 57, is executive director of Basketball Travelers, a Washington company that organizes tournaments and foreign tours for college and high school teams.

Smaller programs expect big paydays to cover their budgets. One of the Saint Francis assistants texted the head coach, whose plane had just landed in Indianapolis, and awaited a response. He decided to launch a scheduling message board on Basketball Travelers’ Web site, a place where coaches could list open dates and contact information. Hawkinson views it as a way to promote his company. He was on the national coaching association’s “worship team,” a group of Christian men who, Hawkinson said, try to “clean up” some of the problems in their sport. Men’s college basketball has undergone big changes in the last 20 years.

Adults of all ages are invited for an afternoon of speed “friendshipping” from to pm., Tuesday, Sept. Although the event will use the speed dating format, it is meant for finding friends instead of dates.

This is an opportunity for participants to meet and chat with people of all ages, have fun, and potentially take the first step in creating new and lasting relationships.

“The first time I heard someone ask for 0,000 was back when I was paying ,000,” said Larry Keating, 70, special assistant to the athletics director at Kansas.

“It’s become competitive to get these games, and it’s become exacerbated as conferences have created rules.

Their goal is to provide people with opportunities to get more involved in the community, stimulate their social routines, break down barriers between age groups, meet new people, and have fun with adults of all ages. To learn more about speed “friendshipping” and the intergenerational social group, contact Iowa City Senior Center Community Outreach Specialist Emily Edrington at 319-356-5224 or [email protected]

Save the day for the group’s next event: an intergenerational board game social from to p.m.

Reach to Teach has been tremendously helpful in facilitating my transition to Taiwan. It has been an invaluable experience of ups and downs, with the classroom being a h...