The new system uses a 2nd fob with an excellent signal and around a 400 ft range, similar to the optional remote start that has been installed on models with standard keyed ignition for a number of years.

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I've been selling Subarus in the Shoreline/Seattle area since 1996.

Contact.- this unofficial independent Subaru research site by Joe Spitz is designed to help you learn about Subarus and is not sponsored, authorized, supported or approved by Subaru or any dealer, and is not connected to, affiliated with or approved by any dealer. 2017 Forester 2.0XT Touring with rear spoiler, and chrome rocker panel strip. XT model has redesigned for 2017 18" black and silver 5 split-spoke alloy wheels.

with sound insulation windshield and other tweaks, the car is quieter.

Its still a brick in the wind but these steps should help. finally Reverse automatic braking should be great, as long as its very very easy to turn off when squeezing into a tight parking space.

Its mostly Samsung Notes and S phones, HTC, and Sony Xperias that have Mirrorlink coded in, and can't be turned off or deleted.

Plugging it in results in a black phone screen (Note 4) and if there is a work-around, I don't know about it.Blind Spot Detection and Rear cross traffic alert is available on the Forester for the first time but should be standard on Limited and Touring. X-mode on Premium CVT is good but should not be a replacement for Paddle Shifters Climate control with 7 speed fan on Premium is a good step.That old 4 speed fan (still on 2.5i base model) is way too noisy. ideal would be 6 interval times, even 4 would be ok.if you have a new Forester Premium, Limited or Touring and a cell phone with Mirrorlink (Samsung Notes and Ss, HTCs, Sony Xperia), it is likely to completely freeze when you plug it into the car's USB.Mirrorlink is a European app that doesn't really do anything in the US but is included on Outback Premium, Limited and Touring models and there is no way to delete or even disable it on the car.Not all 2017 models will be available to order, it will depend on how many are ordered.