This allows for crisis stabilization, evaluation, treatment and medication management, without the added stress of managing one's home, job, education or social obligations.

Qualified staff members care for patients in a holistic, compassionate manner, directing practice toward the promotion, maintenance and restoration of behavioral wellness.

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Care is provided using a multidisciplinary team approach.

This team includes registered nurses and behavioral health partners with CNA training who are skilled in psychiatric nursing assessment and treatment, social workers, recreational therapists, occupational therapists, and a chaplain.

Featuring a traditional Beer Hall and Beer Garden for those craving a social dining experience, as well as a dining room for what us Iowans would consider typical dinner seating.

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Wittmayer eventually put down tire-puncturing sticks to disable Keller's vehicle, which veered around a school bus and then toward the officer, 'who had to run to get out of harm's way,' according to a criminal complaint.

In May, Black Hawk County Attorney Brian Williams asked the Iowa attorney general's office to review Wittmayer's actions after discovering the footage on video captured by sheriff's deputies, according to an email obtained by the AP under the open records law.'Based upon this fact and my review of the entire matter, the likelihood of a Black Hawk County jury convicting Officer Wittmayer is minimal if not completely non-existent,' he wrote, adding that the contact happened quickly, 'appears slight' and did not hurt Keller.

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Every patient's treatment is under the supervision of a psychiatrist who directs the individualized treatment plan and coordinates discharge plans.