The Philips Avent DECT SCD501/10 is a basic sound monitor that has good sound clarity and is super easy to use.

This product has a fairly good range and a battery life that is longer than most parents will need.

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With only a power button and volume adjustments, there is almost no way to make a mistake or press the wrong options in the middle of the night.

Setup is also easy with a less than one minute process that includes unboxing, plugging in, and turning it on.

However, the best monitors worked at about 100 ft and 8-9 walls.

This is a crucial metric for many parents because if the range isn't enough the monitor won't work.

These results will vary by home depending on construction and competing appliances.

This isn't the best range for a larger home or a home with a floor between rooms or more walls than 5.

The Vtech DM221 lasts up to 46 hours which is over twice the battery life of this Philips.

The DECT SCD501/10 has one of our favorite features of sound activation.

The sections outlined below offer additional details on how the DECT SCD501/10 performed during testing for each metric.

The results from testing were used to determine the overall score with weighting toward sound clarity and ease of use.

The connection started getting staticky at 75 ft and was completely unreliable after the 6th wall.