The other is that Ctrl A doesn't work properly see shorcut keys (foobar) for a macro solution. As for myself I'm still on Excel 2000 have 128MB RAM I have upgraded to 512MB RAM (max for my laptop) and it has eliminated all paging problems and a macro that had to go through menus would have taken many hours not rips right through it, and don't have to take down other applications to run Excel.Some specific tweaks for Excel 2003 (spinner 2005-04-08), appear to be the speech recognition above, no improvement in zooming graphics and fonts (keep zoom at 100%).Auto Recovery is improved but you have to respond when Excel is going down, and decide which file (old or recovered) to use later but no peeking.

If you click Cancel or attempt to close the Save As dialog box, the program still does not respond.

The journaling feature of Outlook logs many actions taking time from Excel, and eventually, the journal files become quite large, and performance is slowed.

Unspecific version problems with standard macros, with Event macros.

Unwanted Task Pane comes up on right side when trying create a new file (#taskpane) There is a Registry change that did not work for me (Ron de Bruin, misc, 2003-06-17).

Sub Sheets To Workbooks() 'Step 1: Declare all the variables.

Dim ws As Worksheet 'Step 2: Turn screen updating off to speed up your macro code Application. Close Save Changes:=True 'Step 6: Loop back around to the next worksheet Next ws 'Step 7: Turn screen updating on Application.

Like much of MS software it does not tell you what it is going to do before it starts.

Fortunately it just initially calculates how much space you would save by checking certain code lines to delete files and only deletes those types of files when you give it permission to delete all of them.

The general recommendation in the Excel groups (and MS KB Q167081) is to turn journaling off.

In Outlook 97: Tools / Options / Journal / uncheck Microsoft Excel and all other MS Office Products (Select all, delete) In Outlook 98: Tools/Options/Preferences/Journal Options If you try to check Outlook options, you may then start the Outlook installation process, so check your system first with search to see if you have on your system, if you do then check for journalling turned on.

Afterwards I went to Favorites, then organize, and used the Arrow DN key to check each exposed folder and single files.