Glowing, gorgeous Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky.

Venus hangs in a sign for three to five weeks on average.

Every 18 months, however, she will turn retrograde and can linger in a single zodiac sign (or pivot between a pair of them) for up to four months.

Along with rosy Jupiter, she is one of the “great benefics”: a planet that astrologically speaking, bring a primarily positive affect.

In Roman mythology, she is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, pleasure, and what—and who—we treasure.

They may be slower, but steadier, in their seduction approach, preferring to let relationships build organically.

Affection and physical touch will be important here.While the moon governs our emotional security, Venus is more about the wining and dining.People born with Venus in sensitive Pisces could swoon for poetic words, candlelight dinners and custom curated playlists.This is the outward expression of Venus: our fashion sense, material urges (and splurges), aesthetic preferences, and how we romance the ones we adore.Venus in Taurus people may prefer practical luxury, saving up for pricey, yet well made, items from classic brands.If you were born with Venus in assertive Aries you may be a warrior woman, delighting with your daring moves and radiant heat.