This stage may also include the teenager either buying, stealing, or drug dealing to get drugs.

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Painkillers: Opioids such as codeineand morphine are narcotics prescribed to treat pain.

Other drugs in this class include oxycodone(Oxy Contin), hydrocodone(Vicodin), meperidine(Demerol), hydromorphone(Dilaudid), and propoxyphene(Darvon).

Moreover, teens 15 to 16 years old who use religion to cope with stress tend to use drugs significantly less often than their peers who do not use religion to cope.

Alcohol and other drug use has been found to occur most often between the hours of 3 p.m.

Blood pressure medications may be administered to patients who are suffering from high blood pressure associated with stimulant intoxication and with withdrawal from depressants. "Selected Prescription Drugs With Potential for Abuse." Printed September 2002, revised Apr.

Fluids are often administered to those who have become dehydrated, and cooling blankets are given to those whose temperatures have become dangerously high, as may occur with Ecstasy. "Recovery Harder for Addicts Who Start Young." 14.6 Mar.

Providing facts about sexual abuse is one of the ways to raise awareness about sexual abuse.

Awareness of the facts is one of several preventive measures that can be taken to assist you in making better decisions to keep you and someone you know safe.

Adequate parental supervision has also been found to be a deterrent to drug use in youth. "Medication Appears Effective in Treating Teen Heroin Addiction." 2007.