Now Janel has come to know that playing front and centre isn't the only important thing.

So who would be a good person to talk to about this process?

Well, Friday will mark the one-year anniversary of Megan Walker, the top-ranked player in her class, announcing her commitment to play at UConn.

After UConn's preseason win over Ashland, I asked Walker what advice she would give to players preparing to make their college decision known over the next several days.

"Make sure it is the right decision for you, I wouldn't listen to any outside advice," Walker said.

But knowing there is more of her playing career behind her than in front of her, she wants to best conserve what's left in the tank."Probably in the last year or so, I've had a little more of the inner turmoil about, 'What is the balance?

'" said Taurasi after a recent practice at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

I always view the recruiting process in two-year cycles as a small recruiting class in one year is almost always followed by a monster class so stay tuned.

After the excellent performance of Janel Mc Carville for the Minnesota Lynx, she has secured a multi-year contract with the team.

But she has tried to back away from another extreme.