It is at this stage that South Africa’s De Klerk government entered the fray – as major gold and diamond supplier, it was the easiest and cheapest way to rescue the USA banking sector.

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Nobody got out of the act, and everybody wanted to get in on the act –for there was lots and lots of money to be made.

EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES, SANDLINE and the STASI Another individual who has played a considerable role in Project “Hammer,” was Rolf van Rooyen, who operated a number of business entities including one called ‘Oceantech’ and another called ‘Eastech’ International Bank.

In a letter written to a Washington law firm involved in a lawsuit involving Project “Hammer“-, Goslar fingers Bridge S. – and hence Van Rooyen and Riaan Stander, as “part of the Executive Outcomes operation.” Eastech International Bank, was underwritten by a Mexican firm Ro-Mar Pharmaceuticals, a firm claiming to control over $100 billion in gold.

Van Rooyen and Stander entered Eastech into an agreement to purchase 5000 metric tones of gold at a discount of 4% from the Second London Fix.

Dear former Presidents Mbeki and Motlanthe, the time for putting a plaster on our historical wounds while you appease the oppressor and white monopoly capital that funded it and now fund some of your connections are over. Your dialogues pre-and-at-CODESA have yielded very little beyond the vote and making a small group of your Black friends billionaires.

The institutions you established to address issues of reconciliation and reparations have been a complete sham.We haven’t demanded he account for the many deaths which De Klerk oversaw.We haven’t dealt with the stolen wealth of this country which his government oversaw.This gold was held in the free zone area beneath Zurich’s Kloten Airport.Interestingly, the contract, which ran to 6 pages, bears the official stamp of the Swiss Police, authorizing and validating the transaction.Instead they have come to be friends with the Black elite who have conveniently forgotten about the stolen money in return for their plush life.