is more like saying “I’m in love with you.” You can say “I love you” to your family and friends but you are not “in love with” your family and friends.

Again this is only in some countries because in some other countries they do say things like “ comes across as corny, like something from a cheesy telenovela.

The howl’s a peculiar thing: It tells you Republicans are evil, Democrats are evil, and Trump is evil.

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Alberta writes: “To outsiders, Boehner might just be the happiest man alive, a liberated retiree who spends his days swirling merlot and cackling at Speaker Paul Ryan’s misfortune. At 67, Boehner is liberated—to say what he spent many years trying not to say; to smoke his two packs a day without undue stress; to chuckle at the latest crisis in Washington and whisper to himself those three magic words: “Not my problem.” And yet he is struggling—with the lingering perception that he was run out of Congress; with his alarm about the country’s future; and with the question of what he’s supposed to do next.” The story is based on 18 hours that Alberta spent with Boehner, talking, playing golf, towel-snapping with his buddies and, yes, drinking red wine.

North Carolinians mentioned include Boehner’s long-time buddy Richard Burr, Patrick Mc Henry (Boehner says, “Mc Henry’s going to be the speaker one day”) and Mark Meadows (Boehner says, “He’s an idiot”).

Paul’s idea that every man (because he’s made in the image of God) possesses worthiness permeated Western thought giving birth to “values.” From there, it’s a straight line to Thomas Jefferson writing, “ Bennett then told a second story: The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was ordered to do a study to answer one question: What made Western Civilization so powerful?

Chinese scholars spent years pouring over our history, politics, economics and culture and when they were done one scholar said, “At first, we thought it was because you had more powerful guns than we had.

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Back in the day — before women became more independent (thanks, women's rights movement! For the most part, dating was easier: A man courted a woman and both of them knew the end goal if courtship went well: marriage.But, for just this once, politics may not be the villain: Over in Chapel Hill diversity is like a sacred grail but, on the other hand, when it comes to ideas they don’t like Chancellor Folt and Company are not very diverse at all.Complicating the problem, over the years, Chapel Hill has become like an island isolated from its neighbors – surrounded by impenetrable ivy walls the Deans and professors have evolved into a kind of elite so out of touch that the common working man, scratching his chin, watching their protests, thinks, as Christianity spread St.Boehner holds nothing back, pegging a few of his ex-caucus members as “terrorists” and “assholes” as he lights up another Camel.But the story isn’t all name-calling and score-settling: “…(T)he story of Boehner’s 25 years in Washington is also the story of the Republican Party, the Congress and American politics in the post-Ronald Reagan era: an account of corruption and crusading, enormous promises and underwhelming results, growing ideological polarization and declining faith in government.First, he predicted, Mueller would investigate the people around Trump. Republicans are too cowed by Trump and Steve Bannon to stand up and speak up. His mentor and role model is Mc Carthy’s sidekick Roy Cohn, who taught Trump to never apologize, never back down, and attack, attack, attack. Come the 2018 mid-terms, Republicans will sink or swim with him.