Also is generous and extremely verbal with compliments when due.

As a home maker, he will expect his wife to keep a good house for him…

With his penchant for hard work, a Taurus man likes to chill out at home.

He manages to keep a clear head, thanks to his pragmatic way of thinking. He is your knight in shining armour who would take delight in surprising you with gifts and flowers.

He also prefers to be a leader, which makes him a good entrepreneur. Nothing pleases him more than clambering over to his girlfriend’s balcony at midnight with a pastry in hand to wish her a happy birthday.

Here’s a male who understands his role as the head of the family and will do everything in his power to provide for the well being of his loved ones. It is easy to spot a Taurus man in a crowd as he is extremely animated in conversation and discussion. Broadly speaking there are two types of Taurus men: 70% of them aggressive and 30% passive.

Trust him implicitly and you will get his trust and loyalty in return… He will always try to dominate with his views, leaving very little room for suggestions or opinions from others. A Taurus man is extremely flirtatious and not shy to strike conversations with strangers particularly with women. you will usually find him in Polo tees, checked or striped shirts and in bright solid colours like orange.

Most Taurus men are sincere and hardworking and for them money is a byproduct of hard work and hence very dear to them.

If he has access to considerable amount of money or if he has had a windfall, a Taurus male will be generous with his spending.

And yes, this one is a stickler for remembering dates… He likes those knick knacks you carry in your handbag, as also your silk scarf and diamond studs.

from your first movie together to your last fight, he will remember everything. so let the secrets you share with him be less meaty otherwise he would be tempted to share it with the world. While other males will size up a girl with a sweeping glance, the typical Taurean will take delight in details. Dress up elegantly, wear mild perfume and carry accessories that make a statement.

He looks for complete support and trust in his better half and is equally willing to give it to her too.

He takes his responsibility seriously of taking his spouse/ partner for dinner and movie outings in appreciation of what she puts into the relationship.

A Taurus man is known to be reliable and dependable. But on the whole, when it comes to work, duties and responsibilities, he is extremely dependable. So be sure you are well groomed on your date with him. Club these personal charms with good food, warm ambience and stimulating conversation and your Taurus date will be enchanted. Let me tell you what he looks for in his life partner - a lady!