Perhaps it’s not as devious or comprehensive as the one which got Crystal Cox in so much trouble, or even the silly black hat stuff aimed at me, but short of an obvious ‘whistle-blower’ rationale, it looks like Clint Heine has attracted an ‘of one.

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(Myself included, naturally.) In a recent episode the ‘damage’ went beyond the malevolent schoolboy pranks of the ‘internet marketers’ — now bankrupt or on the lam (cough) — who set out to smear me with fake blogs and internet ‘articles’ and tried to steal my identity.

Then there’s the glove puppets who’ve tried to cause me unspecified harm through anonymous slander and mischief. The larger point, that we each — eventually — develop the reputation we deserve, remains. The argy-bargy about Clint Heine (see comments on the drunken yobos post) wherein he claims a fixated critic is following him around the internet posting negative comments about him — and using false names to do so — illustrates the dangers of reputation.

As writers’ bylines become bigger and our photos become more prominent, this comes to matter more.

After a certain amount of race- and gender-baiting, you establish a “troll” brand and that brand may become so toxic that you become irrelevant.

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Adolescents who experience dating violence are not only at an increased risk of being physically injured, but are also more likely to report binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical fighting, and sexual activity.

This, from an interesting article by Kashmir Hill at Forbes which I read last month, dovetails in with my earlier comments (see: Drunken yobos spit in MP’s face, then skite to their mates like idiot schoolboys) about bombastic partisan bloggers and anonymous trolls paying a price for their often trenchant and Quixotic campaigns.

are attached to what you write, you start to develop what our CPO Lewis D’Vorkin loves to call “a personal brand.” I think of it as voice, authenticity, and reputation.

The 1993 Violence Against Women Survey (VAWS) found that 16% of women had experienced physical or sexual violence in a dating relationship since the age of 16.