Here is a quick summary of the options that I tried or looked into: More...Here is another Apple Script version of a prior vba script. It copies the last saved version of the current workbook to a .

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To acquire hydrogen in a useable form, it has to be split from other substances.

The most common method is to split hydrogen off of the methane molecule, CH.

The vast majority of hydrogen currently produced in the United States comes from a process known as steam reforming, in which steam is reacted with methane at high temperatures and in the presence of a catalyst, releasing carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Another method is electrolysis—ideally using electricity from a renewable source—which strips hydrogen from oxygen in water molecules.

Hydrogen fuel cells can be either large centralized facilities or small enough to power a single home.

It is a proven, workable fuel: Liquid hydrogen boosts the space shuttle into orbit and hydrogen fuel cells power its electrical systems.

So I’ll be adding Perl on the Mac and the Mac in general to the topics covered here.

My first dilemma with the new Mac was which perl to use. As promised in my last post I have released a new version of App:: Editor Tools and have a number of screenshots of the new functionality.

After a bit of Googling, I finally learned that this was a feature. We’ll after neglecting this blog for quite some time, I’m now back.

I had to swap my laptop during the summer, and I decided to give one of the Mac Book Pros a try.

A hydrogen economy, however, would be difficult to scale up globally.