Later, Elaine triumphantly announces to Jerry that Robert has defected from his team and that the conversion went perfectly ("Sex and shopping"). Jerry takes the lie detector test, but quickly cracks under the pressure of clever questioning with regard to controversial plot developments in Melrose Place, which provoke him to vent his strongly held opinions on those controversies, thereby exposing his familiarity with the series and presumably ending his relationship with Sgt. At Jerry's apartment, Elaine comments how Robert went back to his team because they always have access to their "equipment".

George arrives upset because he "got rejected by a bald woman"; she also told him that he wasn't her type and that she preferred "a slimmer guy." Kramer, also in the apartment, assumes that the bald woman got upset because she saw George's baldness, and blames Elaine for throwing out his toupee, thus ruining a perfect relationship.

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She is going as a beard for a gay man (Robert Mailhouse) whose boss, he believes, is homophobic.

On their way to the station, Kramer gives Chinese food leftovers to a homeless man (Jon Gries).

Back at Monk's Café, Elaine talks with Jerry about how nice Robert is, and the possibility to make him "change teams" (i.e., "convert" to heterosexuality).

Jerry says conversion is not possible since they are only comfortable with their own so-called "equipment." At Jerry's apartment, Kramer needs a Tupperware to save his meal.

In the last scene, Kramer is still doing lineups but then he gets in trouble when he is falsely recognized by a witness of a jewelry store robbery: the homeless man.

However, she later clashed with inventor Earl Silas Tupper, who fired her and tried to erase her from the company records.

There is little more tempting than a bowl of glorious ice cream, especially when you have made it yourself.

Making ice cream isn’t as difficult as it seems, with the most traditional recipes using a custard base.

While looking at the lie detector, Jerry's new girlfriend, Sgt.