During a series of dates with new people I meet on the internet, I will stream the interaction to the web using an i Phone app.

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It made me into less of a random, turrets inflicted person, and more like an avatar.

I could work the directions into the interaction more naturally.

This feedback will be communicated to me via text message.

I meet him on the internet, he says, let’s cut to the chase and just meet up, and I am all about that.

It seems that $0.20 wasn’t enough, I think $0.25 is a sort of cut off when workers are searching for jobs.

I had set up the system this evening to check every 5 minutes, average the responses of the workers over that time period, and text me the top voted action.

It starts off with a lot of “back”, “stay” and “sidestep” instructions, and things stay polite and surface.

I ask him about his work, his family, his favorite spots in Portland, and I’m starting to run out of small talk topics, when I get the instruction “advance”.

What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social interactions?