The best relationships are made of two people, each giving their best to one another.The ‘You Complete Me’ Woman This is the kind of woman who hasn’t really taken the time to know herself, her beliefs, or what she feels or thinks.To make things easier, I have divided the red flag issues into different departments ...

You’ll never feel appreciated under the constant cloud of criticism.

First, see the good in yourself, and then find a woman who can do the same.

The sad part is that sometimes this mentality is wrongly perpetuated in some church circles, as the men are expected to be the “leaders” while the women are the “followers.” That might work for some guys, but for most, this lack of reciprocity in a relationship eventually becomes draining.

You need a woman who will pour into you, as much as you pour into her, who will sharpen you, as you sharpen her, who will challenge you to become better, while you do the same for her.

The Wishy-Washy Woman A woman like this will take your heart on quite a ride, because she doesn’t really know what she wants.

One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step back.

He swims up, bites the hook and ends up in the frying pan all in a very short period of time.

The sad thing is it could all be prevented if guys would approach women differently - with a skeptical attitude where trust is gained over a significant period of time. I think two years of dating will tell a person 90 percent of what they need to know. Can't be alone so must have a relationship lined up at all times and at all cost.

She may even wrongly believe this is a “biblical” approach to relationships.