On average, monitors that have earned the ENERGY STAR® are 25% more energy efficient than standard options.

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3.) when I took USB-C cable from my computer after this my computer crash time to time.

4.) With 12" Mac Book display was flickering every 10seconds! 5.) Display got extremely bright white light down in display and it is flashing when it goes sleeping. I heard that it's not working at all and no I have my own experience from that. I also google display and other user are experience similar problems whit this display. I brought this monitor home expecting to have to do the usual configuration to get the resolution to 4k at 60Hz, but everything booted up at the proper resolution the first time. I do wish the USB was 3.1, but I can live with it 3.0 for what I needed. Hey, love the monitor overall - but the On Screen control software is really slow when you need to bring out the menu to change screen splitting.

I have tried 3 other 4k monitors (Samsung, HP, Acer) but this one is the best! This monitor has the menu button on the bottom to switch inputs easily.

I can switch between my Mac Pro connected with a Display Port cable, my 2016 Mac Book Pro 15" with touch bar using USB-C and a 2013 Mac Book Pro 15" with HDMI.

No problems switching between them and all work great! Another cool feature that I haven't seen on any other 4k/UHD monitors is the extra USB 3 inputs.

One has quick charge so I can charge a speaker, my phone or i Pad. Bought this back in late December for my new Apple MBP w/ Touchbar.

This monitor has been a nightmare: won't wake up from sleep, you can hear static discharge from the USB-C cable when you unplug it, flickering, turns off (or on) at strange times, self-adjusting brightness that always fails to please. All that said, great picture when it chooses to work! I got this monitor and I sold it away cause it did not work properly.