Our reviews detail any obtrusive advertising or promotional features in each free AV suite and, where possible, tell you how to avoid them. has a special interest in internet security, networking, PC hardware, free and open source software, and knows more than anyone would ever really want to about cloud-based software and services. Kaspersky’s release of its new Free Antivirus has instantly made it one of the top players in free malware protection, as it uses the same detection engine as the company’s well-regarded commercial products.

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Best Free Antivirus 2017: We look at the four best free anti-malware solutions on the market right now, updated with the latest results in September 2017.

Antivirus might not be as vitally important to your online safety as fear-mongering security firms might have you believe, but for those who want to surf the web worry-free, it’s always a good idea.

A full scan at default settings is markedly time-consuming, clocking in at 37 minutes even on a recent Windows 10 installation on our reference systems.

Although neither of our usual sources of anti-malware test results, AV-TEST and SELabs, have yet tested this specific product, plenty of test data is available for the same detection engine, which is used in all of Kaspersky’s paid-for antivirus products.

Bear in mind that these may include additional features to help protect your system, but that the detection engine is the most critical feature.

Kaspersky’s engine, in its commercial Internet Security product, is consistently among the best-performance both AV-TEST and SELabs’ tests.AV-TEST produces results based on protection, false positives and system performance impact.• SE Labs: A UK-based antivirus testing firm that uses up-to-date threats found on the web at the time of testing. • Our own test system: We test how much of an impact each AV company’s system scans have on our test system; this is important if you have an old PC.The client closely resembles its paid-for counterpart in its clean look and feel, with a main screen that displays your protection status, along with options to scan your system, update its virus database and open extra tools.A number of other options are greyed out, prompting you to buy one of Kaspersky’s paid-for anti-malware suites.While paid-for antivirus software is beyond the scope of this group test, we hope to provide you with the information you’ll need to make an informed assessment about whether a pre-installed commercial package – such as those often bundled with new laptops – will be more, or less, effective than its free competitors.