Whatever the operating system you are using, you can see and in device manager. Click on arrow mark at Display adopters as shown in above screen shot. I hope you got solution to Update graphics card driver issue.

updating device driver your video card-82

Theses where pasted into a notepad earlier on in this post.

To be able to install your own video card driver you will need to ‘disable’ this option while you install the video driver and then re-paste in the hardware IDs when you re-enable it.

In the ‘Local Group Policy Editor’ browse down to ‘Device Installation Restrictions’ Computer Configuration Device Installation Restrictions Then Open the ‘Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs’ by double clicking on this option on the right side of this window. Then we’ll need to tell Windows which hardware IDs not to allow the update of the driver; click the ‘Show’ button.

In the ‘Show Contents’ windows, we’ll then proceed to paste in the hardware IDs that we got from device manager.

Solution to avoid this kind of errors is to update your systems graphics card driver. Your system may have Graphics card of Intel or NVIDIA or any company.

Almost all businesses offer the latest version of drivers free of cost.Under Display adapter, open up your video card properties and select the Driver tab.Click on the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button if it’s available.When you notice problems with your Windows 7 graphics, such as stuttering frame rates, crashes that weren't happening before or less noticeable problems, it's probably time to update your Windows 7 video card driver.Windows 7 lets you quickly update your video card drivers through the Device Manager.Locate and right-click the device that has the problem driver installed, and then select Properties.