These updates can also be found through the manufacturer's network drivers page.

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We recommend you visit our CD drivers page for a listing of manufacturers and their driver update pages to obtain the latest drivers.

Some manufacturers may also have firmware updates available for their CD drives.

Some modem manufacturers may also have firmware updates that upgrade the modem to support new standards such as V.90 or correct hardware issues with the modem.

Firmware updates should only be run if your computer or modem manufacturer recommend you update the modem or if you believe a firmware update will correct your issue.

These drivers can be obtained from your motherboard or OEM computer manufacturer.

See the motherboard drivers page for additional information.Updating your computer's drivers and other updates can resolve problems, improve the performance, and increase the stability of your computer.Computer BIOS updates should only be run when you are having compatibility issues with your hardware or you feel that your computer hardware is not performing as it should.Unless you are utilizing a unique mouse with special buttons, wheels, or other features you should not require any drivers.The mouse should automatically setup by the operating system.When updating your modem's firmware, verify you are using a firmware update designed for your modem.