If you are upgrading to Media Wiki 1.25 or later, you will also need to install some external PHP libraries using Composer or a provided collection maintained for the Wikimedia wiki farm.More details on installing and updating external libraries can be found in the Git download documentation.It's recommended that you unpack the new files into a new directory, and then apply customizations to the new directory (restoring Local Settings.php, images folder, extensions, and other customizations like custom skins) If you cannot access the command line on your server, download the Media Wiki tarball to your local computer and use 7zip to extract the tarball on your local PC.

updating php windows-56

Certain extensions have been updated in order to work with the new version of Media Wiki.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest versions of such extensions.

A small patch file is usually made available for a minor version upgrade.

Manually download and extract the patch file from the dumps site or follow the directions with wget below.

Extension Distributor works well for most people who want a snapshot of extensions that will work with their supported versions of Media Wiki.

If you want a lot of extensions then downloading from Git is probably best.

For performance reasons, some actions in the database are delayed, and are managed by the job queue.

Those jobs are stored in database and contain parameters with information about actions it should perform.

Previously your Extensions are being adapted to use the new extension registration system.

Extensions that are not adapted should use the old way of installing them. New variables may be added in newer versions, or some existing variables changed their type.

If you instead extract the new version directly on top of your old version, rather than in a new directory, you should follow the instructions described in Back up existing files and the database: otherwise, if you've made any customizations you may erase them in a way that leaves you with no reference to re-apply them from.