The player has gained and maintained a reputation as being easy to use while still providing many features for obtaining, organizing, and playing music.

i Tunes is also the principal way to manage the music on Apple's popular i Pod digital audio player.

Now the episodes you've downloaded will stick around until you manually delete them.

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And an upgrade to i Tunes 11 makes rather drastic changes as besides greatly altered interface, Apple has introduced such features as New Mini Player, Up Next and Playback syncing with i Cloud.

The alterations were applied to many aspects of the utility: even the icon has a new look and can actually now be easily confused with the Mac App store one on the Dock. The automatic background color for albums is a particularly delightful feature even though the whole interface now has even more white space than ever before.

As Apple promised, i Tunes has gone through radical amends.

I cannot deny the beauty of its new Album view, though I can see how impractical it is.

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i Tunes is a digital media player, written by Apple Computer, for playing and organizing digital music and video files.

Additionally, the program connects to the i Tunes Music Store which allows users to purchase digital music files that can be played by i Tunes.

Here are the full release notes: This update also resolves an issue where i Tunes may become unresponsive when updating Genius and improves overall performance and stability.

Podcasts for i OS 2.1 or later is recommended when syncing podcast episodes.

The program is freely downloadable and is also supplied with Mac OS X as well as Apple's i Life home-application suite. You can use Ping to follow your favorite artists and friends or connect with the world's most passionate music fans.