"Thanks for contacting the BMW Genius Team regarding BMW Online News.We are currently aware of an issue with the BMW Online News not showing the correct date.Yes, I don't like Waves does this too :) So in your account you see the license version number, and unfortunately it is not possible via Waves Central to see what plugin version is currently installed.

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Is it a regional issue with BMW online or do I have a connected drive issue?

In case anyone is having the same issue, here's an email response I received from BMW...

What's new now is that this version also runs Phx Ass (which it did not do before), along with Dev Pac, SAS/C and Lattice it run before. However, floating point math through mathffp and mathieee is currently not yet ready and the calls are all dummies.

For optimal compatibility, you also need the 3.9 Shell Seg which provides the command line interface and the Amiga Shell functionality.

So if you had 9 at day 1 on 9.0.0, even out of WUP you get every single update release .x.x until 10.

The only exception is that if you are out of WUP you would not get any new plugins added to your bundles if applicable. all my Waves plugins are v9.2 yet I can't see v9.6 in my account or available via Waves Central.I'm pretty sure ALL plugs received updates in the last year.If nothing else, I know they all got the ability to copy/paste from the waves toolbar If in question, just go into Central and go to install, and install all your products - which will install the latest versions for ya As far as receiving updates - even if you are out of WUP you get ALL updates to your plugs all the way through your version.Pro Tools 11-12, Cubase Pro 8 / For Mac OS X Sierra, I use a Macbook Pro mid-2012, i7, 2.9 Ghz, 16gb with SSD 1TB.i Lok License Manager is an app installed by Pro Tools.It is entirely command line driven, and implements a very bare-bone emulation of some Amiga Os primitives just good enough to host typical Amiga development tools such as compilers and assemblers.