'It was not the job my mum would have chosen for me but once she saw I was going to really nice restaurants and hotels and meeting people like bankers and solicitors, I think she became marginally more comfortable with it.'Rebecca's mum dropped her at the bus stop the day she went to see her first client, an accountant in Liverpool.While she barely had the money for a bus fare on the way to her date, on the way back Rebecca was £1,400 richer.'I remember getting the train back and just counting all these notes,' she says.

When they had finished having sex, he called down to reception asking for champagne and a change of sheets as his wife was arriving half an hour later for a romantic Valentine's evening with her husband.'In the morning he was he in bed reading the paper, catching up on the football results and memorising who had scored goals and what had happened during the match.

Later that day, his wife called and I heard him telling her about the match – even what the weather had been like.'Despite such experiences, Rebecca enjoyed her work from the moment she began escorting aged 25.

Then fold it accordian-style (google that if u dont no how)  making little squares.

When u r done and have just a folded up  square cut out the heart...

Everyone always hates the escorts but you have to remember there are women are probably quite thankful that they're around.' Rebecca Dakin, 37, spent nine years working as an escort after dropping out of university and finding only low-paid jobs. Now she works as a dating coach and sexpert Valentine's Day evokes mixed emotions for Rebecca, reminding her of the nine years she worked as an escort and of the men who will cheat on their wives this February 14, many of them with paid companions.

Valentine's Day was Rebecca's busiest time, she says - though on one such rendezvous she was shocked when her client called reception for champagne and a change of sheets as his wife was arriving in half an hour On one occasion, Rebecca spent the afternoon in a Newcastle hotel with a client.Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas so I can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. Although nobody can say with any level of certainty what your boyfriend might like, for an occasion such as Valentine's day one item is a very safe bet: make him something.It can be anything, like having him over for dinner and cooking his favorite meal for him, of if you have any special talent ...7th February : Happy Rose day 20148th February : Happy Propose day  2014 9th February : Happy Chocolate day 2014 10th February : Happy  Teddy day 201411th February : Happy Promise day 201412th February :  Happy Kiss day 201413th February : Happy Hug 2014 14th February :  Happy Valentines day...'After working for as little as £100 a week in my previous job as a travel agent, I couldn't believe I'd just made so much money.'As she was highly selective about who she would see, Rebecca never spent time with more than 4 men a week and sometimes went for a month without a booking if she didn't feel comfortable about any of the potential clients who would get in touch. Specialising in overnight stays, Rebecca frequently found herself whisked abroad, spending time with men in Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy, Paris and Switzerland.She saw some clients regularly and developed close relationships with them.'He was married but his wife didn't want to sleep in the same bed as him anymore because he snored!they want to be shown you love them to, the best gift is get something a sexy gown or what ever and show him how much you love him, go women get busy, use your imaginations, maybe a bowl of strawberries and dip them in choclate, be creative girls. If you don't usually wear makeup, then don't put any on for... It depends on who the woman is, what  your relationship with her husband is, and what your intentions  are.   If the woman is close friend, like a sister, and you are in a close  and trusting relationship with her...