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Thus, we need to validate whether the user entered data is in a valid format or not and then we need to convert that into a format that can be easily inserted into the database. = null) [/code] The Parse Position is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to keep track of the current position during parsing.

Need to import the following packages first: import The parse Object method in the various Format classes requires a Parse Position object as an argument.

if so wouldn't know how to use it Your question has attracted a lot of answers which recommend the Simple Date Format class. To give two examples, the parse() method cannot detect errornous months (i.e.

13th month) and the format for year can be burst with longer years.

2) If the user entered data is valid then it will be convertible to a format that can be easily inserted into the database.

Since date can be entered by the user in any format, it becomes difficult to validate it and the format might not be acceptable to be inserted into the database as well. Array List; The following java class will provide the required functionality: [code language=”java”] if (date !You can't just validate a Date with this class. If you use "dd/MM/yyyy" as a pattern with Simple Date Format and input the date as "13/13/2013" for example, the parse method will return a Beware and DO NOT use the standard JDK classes below Java 8 for Date calculation.Warning: Date test Date = Date Instance().validate("25/13/2013", "dd/MM/yyyy") correctly identifies that 13 is not a valid month but Date test Date = Date Instance().validate("25/13/2013456", "dd/MM/yyyy"); returns as a valid date despite the mask only allowing 4 characters.My earlier post on how to validate email address, SSN and phone number validation using Java regex still attracts lot of visitors.Today I realized that another piece of data that many programmers need to validate is the date.I would recommand putting the Simple Date Format in a Thread Local variable instead of a static variable accessed through a synchronized function. Given function parse the date according to current acceptable date formats.