The bloodsuckers on the show may live forever, but "The Vampire Diaries" comes to an end this Friday with its last episode ever.

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"Even though he’s also going to be out in the world exploring new opportunities, we look forward to finding creative ways to make sure he and his character Tyler Lockwood always remain a part of the show.” Previously, there were big things ahead for Elena and her on-again boyfriend, Damon (played by Dobrev's real-life ex-boyfriend, Somerhalder) to close out the remainder of season six.

"There is quite the doozy of a storyline coming for Damon and Elena, which is all about their relationship, and how it will work, and how they want to make it work," she said.

Ian: I never got to see Damon at a Rolling Stones concert. Ian: The study of the human psyche, which is that a man who may be 170 years old, but looks 23 – or now looks about 60 – can be so very flawed, can be so very malicious, so very selfish, so very mean, but shows a vulnerability and a little bit of humor, and an audience will embrace that character in such a profound way. An hour-long retrospective, "The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours," airs on March 10 at 8pm, before the series finale at 9pm.

Paul: We did a lot of flashbacks, but what were we doing in the 70s? I've never seen anything like it where humanity, the grotesque things that this man did, people consistently made excuses for him. Damon could have walked into an orphanage and literally, in cold blood, could have killed 20 orphans and people would have said, "Well, he was really upset about Elena..." I still can't quite understand it, but I'm glad I was there for that ride.

" No longer the network's flagship series, spinoff, still drives some of The CW's biggest ratings.

Season to date, it's averaging a 1.4 rating among adults 18-49 and 2.7 million viewers.

I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn't just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party," she wrote on Instagram.

"I always knew I wanted Elena's story to be a six-season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime.

"She was like, ' Alright, before we start guys, I have an announcement to make.' And I was like, ' You’re f—king pregnant! Yeah, I'm pregnant.'" The British-American actor felt awful about making the joke, and quickly apologized.

(Kat Graham tells Us that Ian Somerhalder also made Malarkey's same remark.) Accola, 28, and her husband, The Fray’s Joe King, announced this past August that they are expecting their first child together.

began to tell the cast she was pregnant, but one costar beat her to it. One hunky costar, however, couldn’t help but chime in.