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Co-founded by the Drupal project’s creator in 2007, Acquia… Adallom is a leading cloud access security broker (CASB) delivering visibility, governance and protection for the top Saa S applications used by businesses worldwide.

Adallom’s cloud application security platform allows customers to govern cloud application usage, secure corporate data and detect suspicious activities.

We combine the best technology with the best people to deliver innovative IT solutions.

We have been designing, building and managing IT solutions since 1999.

C-STAR leverages the requirements of the GB/T 22080-2008 management system standard together with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix, plus 29 related controls selected from GB/T 22239-2008 and GB/Z 28828-2012.

https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/star/c-star/ Currently under development, CSA STAR Continuous Monitoring enables automation of the current security practices of cloud providers.

We believe that the true benefit of IT is utilising it… Acer Cyber Center Services Inc.(ACCSI) is 100% owned by Acer Inc. ACCSI runs the data center related services and is also known as Acer e-Enabling Data Center(Acer e DC). Achievers delivers the only true cloud-based Employee Success Platform™ that enables remarkable business success.

Investment of the data center is over US0M to provide professional IT management services to businesses since 2001. Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of today’s changing, modern workplace, it is the most engaging software specifically designed to engage, align and recognize employees.

The CSA STAR Information Center provides an FAQ, Support Forum and more.