I had planned this shoot a while back when I did “Sex on Wheels” but at that point the set pieces (pink and white setee, chair and vanity) were ready but the outfit wasn’t.

You may notice this is an alteration and development of the old “Sugar Rush” costume. Thankfully on this shoot I spent a bit of time getting the lighting right, so the touch up I have to do is pretty minimal.

I think I’m going to get it in purple too as I’m thinking purple needs to be a color scheme I play around with next.

-Tara So hey, I’ve made making a few tweaks to my site, basically trying to come up with the best way to let my members know when my next live camshow would be.

Perhaps I got the background too busy, but I decided to release this photo shoot anyway.

I think the total amount of pictures in this set will be around 125-150.

And I know that doesn’t sound very inspiring, but it also makes me realize that I really should just be banging out the shoots left and right and going with whatever I come up with.

As I was researching some hentai I found some artwork of pink-haired dolly French maids, so I decided it might be nice to ramp up things with my pre-existing French maid uniform.So I haven’t figured out a name for this shoot yet, but as usual, the names usually come while I’m deep in the editing process, which generally takes 3 or 4 days. After that, will I retire this pink and white wall? I do have a number of other walls of my studio that need to be seen more, so maybe we won’t see it for a while, maybe it will get painted over.I’d like to experiment with some radically different color schemes.A third outfit got about as far as having the pieces cut out of it, but I really needed more material to proceed, and I might have to hit some cloth stores in Connecticut in order to finish it.The fourth and fifth outfits were designed and material was bought, but both were to be constructed out of unconventional materials, so that was sort of uncharted territory for me. Well, the big one that did make it’s debut, was “Goldicocks”. I think you can pretty much guess what this one will be about. I pretty much was working like mad on this one, and it came down the wire so much that even on the Saturday of the event (I drove up to Montreal on Friday, and it’s club nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday) – I was still sewing the bolero jacket and adding bows and trim to this one.They are pro sex models that would bring in high pornstar reviews for the way they could turn your body inside out with pure passion and excitement.