With a brand new restaurant adventure full of delights, soup and money.

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Learn to love, and lose, and love again on your journey to A rare gem.

I never thought I would find myself so emotionally invested in the lives of little pink, furless bunnies, but Bio Ware has really outdone themselves.

A new town means new opportunities for a nug looking to make their mark.

Forge alliances, build a burrow, and nug the nug out. Danger is everywhere, but so is fun Meet more than 472 unique nugs, each with their own style and personality.

And unfortunately, there’s no free-to-play prologue, so you’ll have to take a gamble on whether or not it’s worth your coins to try it out.

Still, the artwork looks beautiful, the voice acting is silky smooth, and the premise is quite novel and fresh…if a bit on the amoral side.The name of the game comes from the fact that the player character can only speak to Haruto through the glass partition in the interrogation room, aka your smartphone screen, through which the two of you will “touch palms” at certain points. Now, onto the dodgy part: Haruto’s jail cell just so happens to be fitted with a series of hidden cameras, through which (with the use of your smartphone) you can spy on your jailbird hottie at all hours of the day and night!There’s more to the game than just counselling and spying, though.Explore vast fields and deep caves in a world where the promise of adventure lies around every corner, as does sudden, inexplicable death.Dress up, head out, and stay in the shadows as you go looking for love in all the nug places.In the game, the player, as a “counsellor”, must interact with Haruto, a mysterious hottie who has been involved in some sort of crime and is currently incarcerated on a remote island across the far seas, which provides the setting for the game.