Waterman offered pens with precious metal overlays from very early on in the company's history.Not the first, but surely the most popular of the patterns offered was "Filigree" -- not true filigree, which is wirework, but pierced-work, allowing the hard rubber (and on very late examples, celluloid) underneath to show through. Near mint condition with original translucent ends.

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This is what you look for in a classic vintage pen. $85 ITEM #4950: PORCELAIN "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen / Selection - Service" SIGN. $395 BACK OF SIGN SHOWN BELOW ITEM #5010: FABULOUS CF SET IN RED W/ GOLD FILLED CAPS AND EXTREMELY CLEAN BOX. NO CORROSION ON THE GOLD FILLLED OVERLAYS ON THE SECTION - THEY ARE PERFECTLY CLEAN. This has a wrap-around nib and a fatter feed than the garden variety CF.

With all of the above, it's an early 20th century eye-catcher. This is a CF from the original 50's issue, not the 80's re-introduction. Black barrel and wrap-around steel Medium Flexible nib. This was an inexpensive version of the CF, but there are far fewer out there with this style nib/feed.

Medium, wet writing, 14K Waterman's IDEAL NEW YORK #6 nib has recently been re-tipped by Greg Minuskin and feels really good when you're writing with it.

There is no chasing on this pen and there never was any.

Waterman Pens offer a wide and luxurious selection of Fine Writing pens ranging from beginner to enthusiast models.

Most Waterman Pens are made in France, with a few made in the United Kingdom. The barrel end number is still there, although it's not 'crisp'. AND, this cf comes with one of those super hard to find CF converters. The strength of the chasing is medium and the color is about 90%. 0 ITEM #4997: WATERMAN CF, FLEXIBLE NIB, NICKEL PLATED TRIM, BRUSHED STAINLESS CAP, NEW OLD STOCK W/ CHALK MARK & STICKER. An uncommon cap holding mechanism, very similar to Parker's 51 clutch and ring design used to hold the cap on. That's not the high point of this piece though; it has a flexible Fine 14 K nib. The imprint reads ' "SKYWITER" MANUFACTURED IN CANADA BY ALCO DIVISION L. This was a marketing gimmick used by more than one pen company that didn't do anything different in the design but wanted the public to believe they had made a pen that was safe to take on an airplane. I've been told the reason I haven't ever seen a pen in this color is that this color is so susceptible to the effects of ink and latex that the pens have all turned brown. With a gold filled clip and a working mechanism, it uses .046" (1.1 mm) leads. 2 imprints on barrel, one on the center and one near the top, plus the usual "54" on the top. ITEM #5252: WATERMAN MEDALIST FOUNTAIN PEN WITH A CLUTCH. ITEM #4435: WATERMAN SKYWRITER FOUNTAIN PEN w/ FLEXIBLE M/BROAD NIB. Featuring chrome trim, this is a lever filler with a MEDIUM original "Sky Writer S28" non-14k nib and no flaws that I can see. A small pencil, but it's in one of the rarest of Waterman's colors. We surely would have found this ad much sooner if the volume it appears in -- volume 87 -- were more completely digitized.As is, searching the two Google versions and the Hathi Trust version for "Waterman" yields only a fraction of the instances that are actually present -- a valuable reminder that while text searches can quickly turn up material, one cannot assume that all has been found unless one has gone through manually, page by page -- which is how I eventually stumbled across the Father Time ads.Lever filling with "18K FILLED" printed on top of clip, dating this piece to earlier production. The dome on the cap is perfectly smooth and round, with no hammering around the circumference. This piece is 10 1/2" long and uses the spiral channel to propel the nib/feed assembly in and out, just like the old Watermans did. The inlay is often corroded away at the nib, but not on this example. I found a whole clutch of these in the inventory of an old pen shop that I bought. Bright chrome cap with gold plated clip with no brassing.