We also offer minors in advertising, art, dance, journalism, music, public relations or theatre.

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You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in the Arts with a Video Production major, or you can pursue the Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism with a video production emphasis within the Media Studies major.

Both programs draw course work from the arts and mass communications to complete the major.

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I’ve been chatting for a while with the people making a new BBC/PBS(NOVA) special in celebration of it being 100 years since Einstein’s presentation of the field equations of General Relativity, and that was the day we’d arranged to have an interview of me saying a few ideas to camera, and also doing a demo or two for fun.

It was a very tight schedule, and a lot had to be arranged since one of the demos involved me sitting on the back of a flat bed truck at a desk (apparently in an office), looking up and explaining something, only to have the camera reveal the larger context in which the conversation was taking place.

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