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Off the top of my head, I can remember that some of the teams that made the switch at the time included: University of Minnesota Northwestern University Missouri Oklahoma San Diego Chargers Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos Philadelphia Eagles (LA) St.

Louis Rams A few years later, a study came out that suggested that having black somewhere in your uniform mix of colors had a similar affect. Tester's observation holds for other sports, as well.

While appearing on a Fox news show over the weekend, conservative radio host and Tea Party activist David Webb bemoaned the fact that 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won her Olympics gold medal in gymnastics last week while wearing pink rather than red, white and blue. My first thought when I read of Webb’s comments was this: Could he possibly have made a more petty and ridiculous complaint about an astonishing young athlete like Douglas, who just won a top honor for herself and her country? British psychologist Tom Stafford of the University of Sheffield summarizes this research in an article he wrote for the BBC at the start of the London Olympics.

Webb claimed Douglas’ outfit — and that of the entire U. As he also points out in that article, the research has a twist ending — one “that serves as a timely reminder that we should always be wary of neat explanations for psychological phenomena.”Like Stafford, I think it's this aspect of the research — particularly its lesson that correlation and causation in scientific studies are two very different things — that makes it most interesting.

Accordingly, the football and basketball teams got new uniforms with jerseys that were almost, but not quite, black.

As far as I could tell, the uniform color had no effect on the teams' performance, but I wasn't really trying to make that association.

We see the color green and are reassured (this is, genuinely, because green indicated water and life to primitive man).

Think about how long any given Facebook user is looking at any given part of their News Feed.

Is there actually going to be an effect if your advertising campaign employs blue and silver vs. This article will explore the science and psychology behind Facebook advertising.