He was an introvert, a social recluse of sorts that wanted to keep his desires hidden from everyone, including himself. Not just any slut, a slut of the most insatiable, perverted, depraved kind.He wanted someone to force him to bring out his dark fantasies and help him to become who he felt he really was inside.But Mistress Desire was far more complex than superficial appearances would allow.

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No thanks, I'm not gay, Brian managed to eek out, looking like a dear caught in headlights more than unassuming business professional that wielded so much confidence at his place of work. The rapid eye movement of Brian indicated confusion.

He'd love to, Desire answered, moving her legs and placing her submissive's hand gently in that of his suitor's. He had specifically told Mistress Desire that he wouldn't do anything with another man. The confusion in his eyes, the panic, the anger overwhelmed him. Being submissive and being gay were too different things. You didn't honestly think someone as breathtaking as him would actually be attracted to someone like you, did you?

Her date for the evening did not fit in that category.

After hours of subtle interrogation, she had determined that his greatest fear was being seen for who he really is.

He swallowed hard as she stroked him through his clothes, knowing full well that he couldn't cum restrained as he was.

They settled back and began to converse; controlling the flow of the exchange with her eyes and her will.Listen, I don't know what sort of games you are playing but I'm not interested, Go fuck yourself bitch. He wondered what people would think, a white man sitting there with two Black people.Desire laughed at his defiance and placed her hand gently on his arm and leaned in close. Brian, you are standing on the verge of all of your dreams come true. He was sure everyone in the place could read his mind.If her assessment was wrong and he didn't show up, she would entertain herself with the spectacle of others that wanted to exhibit their sexuality for the entire world to see.He hadn't cum in over three weeks and he had been nightly aroused with descriptive tales of her fantasies and desires.The Internet and the phone were vastly different than the adventure he was about to go on however.