Committed to his family first and foremost, Don spends his downtime with his wife, former TV star and super-powered LA real estate agent, Cindy Ambuehl-Diamont, working out, grilling in the back yard, and keeping tabs on the young men of "Team Testosterone": Drew, Lauren, Sasha, Alexander, Luca, Anton and Davis.

You probably know that Don Diamont has played the role of Bill Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" since 2009. First Acting Job -- A film called "Go for the Goal" with Bruce Dern and Katherine Ross. What Was He Like in High School -- "I was like I am now. Seriously, I've got the best role I could ever have.

Ridge followed to stop them and Bill had Justin throw Ridge from a helicopter into the ocean!

Worried about Katie’s health when she became pregnant, he suggested she terminate it but ultimately accepted her decision to carry the child and welcomed William into the world.

Unfortunately, Katie suffered from postpartum depression and left him, pushing Bill towards her sister, Brooke!

And that before that, he was best known for his 24-year stint as Brad Carlton on "The Young and the Restless." But do you know his favorite movie, his first car, and his favorite sports team? Born -- Donald Feinberg; Diamond is his mother's maiden name3. Twins Anton and Davis, born January 2003, with wife Cindy Ambuehl. Worst Job He Ever Had -- "I never had a job that I hated. Two weeks into the film, the financing was gone and so was the movie.19.

All of that is revealed in the following 25 facts about Don Diamont:1. Hometown -- Born in New York City but considers Los Angeles to be his hometown.4. Marital Status -- Married to Cindy Ambuehl since June 12, 2012. Four sons with ex-wife Rachel Braun -- Lauren, born 1988; Sasha, born 1991; Alexander, born 1995; and Luca, born 2000.7.

When the Forresters missed a loan payment, Bill pressured the bank to foreclose and Forrester Creations became a subsidiary of Spencer.

Katie discovered that Bill was acting on his father’s dying wish to destroy Eric and his company.This was a bad idea, as being in such close proximity to each other led to Bill and Brooke confessing that they were still in love with each other.A jealous Katie drowned her sorrows in alcohol and demanded a divorce.First Soap Role -- Carlo Forenza on "Days of Our Lives" in 19848. Gizmo -- He has a cell phone but he is not a techie person.13. Favorite Quote -- "If you're going through hell, keep going." -- Winston Churchill.14. And after a near-death experience while rock climbing, Bill decided to dump Brooke to return to Katie and their son.