We see no conflict with her being a serious, radical artist and taking m to endorse Pepsi.

s the referendum nears and the weather warms, my thoughts turn to the important issues of the day. Also, I’ve recently seen quite a few blokes wearing Lycra leggings under shorts. Women’s fashion has always been more exciting and experimental than men’s (for good and ill) and so with athleisure.

Here I’m talking about something that blights our high streets, ruins our public spaces and despoils our parks. For those of who haven’t come across this delightful portmanteau word, athleisure wear is basically sports clothing which is worn for general leisure activities. There’s a simple test of whether this look works for you. Suddenly skin-tight leggings, tank tops and work out shorts are everywhere. Most of us are not athletes and we don’t look like them.

The singer-turned-theatre performer split from his wife Suzanne Moles, the mother of his young daughter, 10 months ago amid allegations he had fallen for Faye Brookes, his co-star in West End show Legally Blonde.

Gates has now confirmed he is dating Brookes by turning out to support her at the opening night of her new stage show, The Sound of Music, in London on Tuesday (06Aug13).

The couple, who have been dating for five years, exchanged vows yesterday at an unknown location.

They had become engaged last New Year's Eve after Gareth decided to pop the question.

Your flesh will look like it has been piped into your leggings, like some sort of human blancmange. For a while, as part of aggressive weight-loss programme, I biked everywhere in Lyrca shorts. Those red-faced blokes in the pub wearing Chelsea strip? Those slummy mummies smoking fags in velour tracksuits at the school gates? The fight-prone “casuals” of my teens in their Kappa tops? As recently as 2010, dressing in sports kit while not doing sports was a sort of sartorial shorthand for being a chav.

n reflection, even if my BMI was around 23, you wouldn’t catch me in athleisure wear. For cycling, they were perfect not least because they keep your bits under control (I have big feet, you know). And yet, having laughed at the working classes for 30 years for wasting their money on overpriced Adidas tat and wearing sportsgear while chain-drinking Stella, we now can’t get enough of it. I’m going to go out on a limb here and identify a new phenomenon, which I’ll call the Beyonce effect.

If I can just get her settled then I think I can go in peace.”Viewers will find out in the coming weeks if Billy and Todd agree to take on a daughter.—————————————————————BROADCHURCH star David Tennant put the brakes on any spoilers about his TV drama when he appeared on Top Gear.

But now he has landed a prized new role – as Ant and Dec’s sidekick.

Todd (Bruno Langley) gets jealous and hits the roof.