”The exceptional level of attention and paid to Russert (a favorite target of the blog Fishbowl D. is upset by the image of the city it sees reflected in him.

Her work for women's and LGBT rights helped make the world more open, equal and accepting.2.

She held 129 career title wins, including 39 Grand Slams.3.

Her power and strength on and off the tennis court makes her a hero, and her legacy of progress and change make her a legend.

Her bravery in the face of adversity is what everyone should strive for.

Tim had a great table at the Palm and drank Rolling Rock from a bottle and ate good, manly food that wasn't drizzled with anything.”His son shares a lot of those qualities: the confidence, the exuberance, the dudely dudeliness, the obsession with Springsteen and the Buffalo Bills and with the authenticity they confer.

“Swagger” is a word that comes up frequently in connection to Luke.It was a moment teed up perfectly for Washington’s many Russert-haters, who love to point both to Russert’s lack of experience and what they see as his accompanying lack of humility.Russert was famously hired fresh out of Boston College by NBC News the same summer that his father, “Meet the Press” legend Tim Russert, passed away suddenly—and many of his peers in the media have never forgiven him for it.He seemed happy and excited and completely confident at all times, and why not?His killer persona combined a Guy's Guy exuberance with gravitas.Tall and broad both of shoulder and forehead, he dresses traditionally, “like an usher in a church at a boys’ school,” sniped one Hill reporter.