But the void that you’re trying to fill is a void that’s been put there by the Creator, and it’s called purpose and destiny.

Let's prayer for our sister, she is a gift from God that is just experiencing a dry season. As an African Canadian Woman I always wonder why the Black Church in America is so quick to condemn and crucify each other. We will all stand in front of the Righteous King and give an account for every word and thought that was expressed on earth. There's no place for hate and evil comments against God's anointed. Until he condemns us no one else have the right to do that.

Why are some church goers so quick to condemn Juanita Bynum? For those who condemn her, I think you need to go and read your Bible again, and find one person other than, Jesus Christ who did not commit sin. We even don't have the right condemn ourselves lest we do that to others.

She never even acknowledged receipt of my generous gift, never even said thank you! At one time we all considered her to be a gift to the church and now because of her publicized struggles we judge and ask "is she relevant".

Only the funds leaving my account under her name let me know she received it. Things like this break my heart because the truth is, we all struggle and deal with something because none of us are perfect.

In fact we all have been in some bad sheets before and are still struggling to be prayed or preached or sang out of it.

That why talking about others who in still in their sheet is not another way to bring a Solution. because i have come to understand that the things that we judge and condemn others about are the same that we find ourselves doing.

Don't get me wrong, the truth is the truth and at times some situations need to be dealt with and addressed but not in public forum.

We get enough of this from the world and they eat it up.

“One of the greatest moments of my life was the day that I married,” she says.

“That day was supposed to be the defining moment of my life when I would show the world that I had stepped into my womanhood, which was always the original intention of my dress and I refused to let it not be [by wearing it again].” Read our exclusive interview with Juanita Bynum » Prophetess Bynum addresses family and friends at her sacred ceremony.

Weeks III, in 2007, the former Trinity Broadcasting Network televangelist has gone on to become a bestselling author with her book, “The Threshing Floor” and launch several businesses, including a publishing company and a skin care line.