It also feels valid for the other actors to say, “This doesn’t make sense to me.” But I don’t tend to bump up against that creatively.

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One of the main creative messages from Showtime’s “The Affair” is that we all believe we are good people …

at least through our own rose-tinted view of our lives’ events.

I think giving four perspectives opens up the storytelling for them. So it’s really much more efficient for me this year. I thought her response to that would be like, “F— you,” and I got her a big Rolex and flashy bag.

It would have just been too hard to maintain the “he said, she said” for twelve more episodes. Dom and Ruth are working less because there are chunks that they’re not in, which didn’t ever happen last year. It’s not going to make her happy, but I wanted that detail to be in there, whether it’s noticed or not.

The 40-year-old actress told People at a New York screening of her movie the next month that she's open to the idea of dating.

"It's all good," she said of her post-split life before joking, "If you have a suggestion [for a date], let me know." Jackson is best known for playing Pacey Witter on , telling De Generes he and his co-stars "aren't cute kids anymore." "One, we killed Michelle at the end of the season," the star said of Michelle Williams' character, Jen Lindley. I think for anybody who's a fan of "It's been a long time. But I think if you put the four of us now next to the four of us then, it might be a little shocking," he added.And because we jump around too much, and there’s a future present, and then there’s the flashbacks, which are two years from that, there’s going to be two episodes where a year has gone by between ten or eleven, I think.So I need to just stay where I’m at, which is already a little hard to do, and not think about the future.Nobody hardly every does that, so doing that is really interesting to me. I do think in that way it challenges the conventional notion of affairs. So when I was on ER, there was John Wells and there was David Zabel, who was the showrunner and the main writer, and Paul Simms, who did News Radio, another show I did. So I came up in television really respecting that and not questioning it too much.Has the show changed what you think about infidelity personally? So if I have an issue with the script, I don’t tend to have an issue with it in that way. They are too wildly different.” That’s not where my concerns go.I also don’t want the character Helen to disappear, but I am rooting for that affair — the idea that they were soulmates and that they had to destroy everything to be together and did it, is very romantic to me. I would like to have a real equanimity about people coming in and out of our lives. It’s something I struggle with as a human, but I think a lot of people do.