Most of you will need the support to simply trust yourself.

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While I talk about the importance of connecting within ourselves first, this type of reaching out does encourage that within ourselves as much as it is a kindness offered to another.

Something can come alive in these moments that furthers our own growth. It's too self-serving to be the point, but it is often an unexpected offshoot of helping others and one that is worth noting.

A lot of times, if we're honest, we know what is coming. It's an opportunity to listen to a friend in pain tell you a story that may trigger discomfort in you even though it has nothing to do with you.

It may be learning a little bit of calculus or math (which you hate) so that you can help your son in school.

But if you do start to sense this coming cold wind, breathe in to this moment.

Stoke the fire of awareness to keep your pond from icing over, and see what is coming. It's other little opportunities for selfless service.

That's like when a tidal wave suddenly explodes through a dam.

That's not how it is for most people, although in my story, these ripples did build to that tidal wave.

It becomes even more challenging now because more and more issues and fears get revealed.