TP: I think both are imperative but the most important of all is the ability to cultivate self love and acceptance and from there we can radiate love to all of those around us.

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e H: What did you learn from this story about making choices?

Teresa Palmer: Life is really just a series of choices, and the choices we make tell our story.

Despite the characters’ differences, they make a series of life-changing choices for a chance at true love.

The unlikely couple has an almost immediate irresistible attraction as they try their best to not be in love with one another.

The De Paulia: Nicholas Sparks films are a staple of the romance genre, and a lot of first dates are to go to see these films.

In that spirit, can you share your worse first date experiences that went horribly wrong?

Travis on his boat with his dog at his side and Gabby is engaged while studying to be a nurse.

But when they meet, they almost instantly know they are perfect for each other. Walker: I’ve certainly gone through my life such in similar ways to Travis in that he kind of lives under this delusion that he doesn’t need someone else in his life.

Best known for his cult role in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” to more recently “In the Heart of the Sea,” Walker’s intimate side is rarely seen onscreen, but in “The Choice” he seems like a seasoned veteran of romance films.