This is also a handy alternative when the wife or kids have commandeered all the TV’s and I naturally want to watch something other than Home and Away or Bob the Builder!!!

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The tuners can be dynamically shared between computers using windows media centre. The video stutters if I stream two HD channels at the same time.

The tuner will reset itself if I change channel frequently.

If another PC with same specs is watching tuner 1, it seems the whole box is locked, and no other PC can view the other tuner.

well I have managed to get it to work on my Windows Vista x64 laptop but it's still not working from any of my Windows 7 machines. I still have one big problem with MCE in win7 x64 sharing the tuners.

The result is that the computers that connect to the router with WDS enabled have stutters no matter which player (Aver TV6 Home Free or Windows Media Centre) to use or the resolution of the video (HD or SD).

The computers on the other side will then play fine.

Unfortunately it fails to find any TV stations even when plugged into a rooftop antenna. i got it to work by connecting it directly to the computer using a cat5 cable.... once channel found, i connect the unit back onto the router... This is not an issue when using the avertv software to view as tuners can be selected manually for two pc use.

I can connect to it with the provided software as well as through Media Centre (Windows 7) with the driver from the website. Also MCE does not switch to my internal tuner card on that notebook either which stuffs any recording (dell with dell avertv mini card).

May try to install Open WRT or DD-WRT to the routers to see if the problem persists. For my special setup, when you start Windows Media Player or Aver TV6, there is no gurantee that the video will always be displayed.

Roughly, 1 in 10 times, there will be no video and the application needs to be restarted.

There are plans to support other platforms such as Android 2.2 and 2.3 in the very near future.