"Getting involved in a relationship is new to me," Kevin says. I'm no longer involved in criminal activity, and so I'm learning just how to be a man all over again.

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One of Mandy’s fellow reporters, Miles Haxton, says he was having a secret affair with Mandy.

They kept things on the qt because workplace relationships always implode.

WHNY’s makeup ladies say that Mandy had a secret man in her life. They get into a major brawl with the star’s bodyguards.

This would be the married pro basketball star Reggie’s Blake. Ryan and Espo are a scary-looking bruised-up pair by the time they bring in the hoops star and his entourage.

All is better with our other favorite partners though once Esposito realizes that Ryan took a punch for him during the Reggie Blake brouhaha. They ultimately agree to talk about dating other people without “actually” doing so to keep their secret.

Of course, Beckett still has to get rid of that image of Kristina’s breasts in Castle’s face, which reveals a devilish smirk when she says this.

He’s no match for this wanton woman as she straddles him on his couch in her bikini.

Beckett bursts into the place believing her partner is in trouble.

That’s why she tries on several different outfits for her first day back on the job. She also deduces that Beckett is having sex judging by her glow. Beckett suspects this lady is looking for some exclusive close-ups outside the studio, too.