Since Nigeria’s transition to civilian rule in 1999 there has been a rapid increase of conflicts in the country.

The revitalized implementation of Sharia law and its expansion from the personal to criminal aspects in 12 northern states represents one of the most turbulent cases of public policies in the contemporary history of Nigeria (Suberu, 2001 ; 2005).

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Bouckaert, the oldest of seven children, was born in 1954 in Waregem, Belgium.

The son of a surgeon, he was educated in rigorous Jesuit schools and then studied engineering at Louvain University.

Supposing people want Sharia and other Nigerians don’t. At the moment, between either Sharia or no Sharia, nothing is negotiable, whereas there may be substantial area of negotiability between these two positions. [3]In the light of globalization, how do we determine the limits within which we will implement Sharia so that the rights of non-Muslims are respected ?

How do we evaluate changes in Sharia without losing our distinct identity as Muslims ? Sharia should not only apply to the weak and poor, while we turn a blind eye to the rich and the powerful.

In doing this, the study asks the following questions : what forms of discord or alliance have emerged over the Sharia policy and what are the implications of these transformations on the dynamics of these states ?