without needing any techniques or "lines" to help them do it. But know this --- Interaction in itself consists of a few key elements: Approaching women and starting conversations, using body language to flirt, create "tension" and attraction, conversation & persuasion skills to build rapport/trust with women, and smoothly transitioning into getting physical without rejection...You might constantly be tearing your hair out, silently beating yourself... " How do they know just the right thing to say at the right time, or when to make a move or how to get a woman interested in them in the first place? Its a physical and emotional response that makes a woman feel like she and you are "ONE".

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Vintage Doc Love comes through as he’s MEANT TO, plus now you don’t have to WASTE TIME searching multiple sites for the few articles that fit your specific need. The show includes interviews with Miss PA American Coed 1996, a former New York City Model, PLUS calls and emails from guys just like you!

You get the third set of 70 columns that you can test yourself on and a 2 hours worth of audio in CD format based on an ad on Doc asking guys what they wanted to know about dating women and relationships.

This is something that all of us need -- not just in scenarios where we meet women, but in all areas of life." "Last New Year's, I made a resolution that I would get out there and start meeting more women. This is something that all of us need -- not just in scenarios where we meet women, but in all areas of life." ~~ Roger, New York City "I've read all the books in the dating & seduction field, which tend to recycle the same information and offer a lot of false hope. Within three weeks of learning your program, I met the girl that I'm now currently dating. Dean was amazing, I like his style, he choice of phrasing words, it turns the whole game around and I'm starting to see real results with women now! " ~~ Cromee D, LA "Dude, I'm impressed with your newsletters, you really know your sh#t, you sure you're no bit#h on the other end? I like this dude you recorded with, he's got that 'fire' and that 'belief' in his strategies, I could feel it. " ~~ Culbert S, Maine, Store Manager EXCELLENT techniques! I have always wondered why I was always on the losing end with women its not like I was ugly or fat..

Thanks man I'll never under-estimate the power of words ever again. Your materials are as always eye-opening." ~~ Fabian W, Designer, Milwaukee "Talk about value for money! Guys, for those of you, whom like me previously had problems with getting a woman to (really) open up and reveal herself to you, you must download and listen to this, it's a very to-the-point recording and to me it's super insightful. But yeah, I've never really realized how my own 'words' were actually affecting my own game, was too caught up with the other so-called bigger, more 'important' stuff but I've learnt that mastering the power of words ALONE, plays a BIG part in the game! Im pretty good looking actually, according to what my friends tell me., that is hehe.

The System meets pop culture and pop culture loses.

The columns contained in Mastery IV are the first 80 Advanced System columns previously available only to Doc Love Club Members.

Others are 'pretty boys' who have no game and just rely on their looks and a cocky attitude. You already know it: If you don't take action now, you will NEVER get what you want with women... I just wish I had this information when I was younger! The Hostage Negotiator techniques take it to a mindblowing level. I'm wondering why I've never heard of Dean before??!! Anyway I could tell that he's the real deal, he speaks fast, and his words... I'm sure it'll be quite a spectacle to see how he games women one-on-one. I've never really been able to 'penetrate' in to the HB10s, they're hot and they know it and it always seems like I'm at the mercy all the time, why? I like his mindset on how he deals and the way he communicates with women, I see where the hostage negotiator thingy fits in now hehe.. It's not easy when you're really into a girl and trying your best not to screw up but here's what I did, I blurted out the SAME EXACT WORDS Dean shared in this recording and bam! things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly! This stuff you have couldn't have arrived at a better time.

You'll merely continue to burn a BIG fat hole in your wallet paying for "fruitless" dates, feeling desperate, worn-out and lonely with I've already given you the biggest bargain of your life -- because I've convinced Dean to reveal what took him 11 years to perfect: how to persuade any woman to do ANYTHING you want using nothing but "It would have helped me avoid many useless dates, bad relationships, and the wrong women. It would have helped me avoid many useless dates, bad relationships, and the wrong women. I learned so much about the power of words and phrasing, and how to build bonds with women and gain their trust. Because I'm honestly pretty average looking and these girls, they DO judge you by your looks at first. I'm pretty orite when talking to women, but when it comes to getting them to do what I WANT them to do, that's always been an issue for me.

Men, don't get in relationships without arming yourself with The System and the Mastery Series.