For longer than 6 months extensions, a new request needs to be made as shown in How to Apply section.

Termination A user's RU-VPN2 Overseas profile will expire after its expiry date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not save the PDF file with the result of your application examination on the computer that can be accessed by those who have no permission to view or record your personal data.

RU-VPN2 provides a secure connection and protects your data transmissions against "sniffing" (or digital eavesdropping) by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is a “secure tunnel” through which all communication between the user's PC and Ryerson pass.

All data transmissions are “encrypted” so that they cannot be read while traveling across the Internet.

114 FZ "On the Procedure of Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation" of August 15, 1996 arise.

General information Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) was created by decree #426 of the President of the Russian Federation On urgent measures for preserving scientific and technological potential of the Russian Federation and is a self-governed state nonprofit organisation in the form of a federal organisation controlled by the Government of the Russian Federation.

In case of a positive decision about your e-visa, print the notification of the result of your application examination.

If you do not have a printer, you will need to save the information indicated in the notification using any other means to be able to show it to a transport company representatives when boarding a vehicle' aircraft or a vessel and border guards during passport control at a border crossing point when entering the Free Port of Vladivostok.

To use RU-VPN2 you need to download and install RU-VPN2 on your computer and obtain an RU-VPN2 login ID and password from the CCS Helpdesk.

RU-VPN2 uses a digital “certificate” that is installed on your computer and is accessed using an RU-VPN2 login ID and password.

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