And the idea of there being a formula for picking up women is slowly being rejected in place of advice more focused on getting in touch with one’s sexuality, becoming more dominant and escalating on women liberally.

In case you aren’t aware, the whole “dating advice for men” thing is a fairly new concept.

In fact, it didn’t even exist until a couple decades ago, and really didn’t begin to become a legitimate industry until this last decade.

What kind of scumbag would write a book about this stuff? Little did I know how far this wormhole would take me.

But of course, being human, I couldn’t help but read the first few pages. I devoured 3-4 books, dozens of You Tube videos and hundreds of pages worth of forum posts in a matter of days.

I had to see for myself how vile and decrepit this guy was, right? The prospect of not only taking control of my love life (where I had recently been so hurt), but finally becoming the “cool” player that I had always wanted to be, and having massive amounts of sex with hot girls — it was all too much to resist.

It took me three months to work up the nerve to approach a girl.

I was so nervous that I immediately apologized for talking to her.

It took another three months to actually get a girl to go on a date with me.

Despite all evidence and common sense to the contrary, the idea caught steam and suddenly thousands of men worldwide were dedicating a massive amount of time, energy and effort into “cracking the code” of a woman’s heart and ultimately, her vagina.